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The Tutoring Program is a partnership between RSVP and Milwaukee Public Schools.  It is a volunteer driven tutoring program designed to improve the academic performance of MPS students.  RSVP Members can take the role of recruiting, training, supporting and recognizing fellow volunteers in addition to tutoring.  By working together, RSVP Members build a community of volunteers committed to help our local students succeed.

These different roles take the form of three distinct volunteer placements:



Nothing can substitute the impact of an adult spending time helping a student learn.  Volunteers in this role work one-on-one or in small groups with local students as they strive to improve their math and/or reading skills.  



Volunteers in this role recruit volunteer tutors from within the community.  This can be through friends, neighbors, faith communities, or professional networks.  Once the tutors are recruited, volunteers in this role have the option to transition to coordinating the tutors on-site at a school.


Master Tutor 

By sharing their skills and experience, these volunteers build a learning community of volunteer tutors.  They hold regular small group training sessions, shadow new volunteer tutors and help organize the volunteer recognition event at the end of the school year.